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How To..Use Feedly

Legal news, business news, court dockets, legal analysis, opinions, and other relevant information is generated from 100s (1000s) of sources - how do you keep up? In the past you might have had your go-to sources, but are they enough anymore? Learn how to use Feedly, a "feed" aggregator to help you get information from multiple sources into one place where you can manage it, share it and keep it as necessary. Using Feedly can help as part of a lawyer's battle against information overload.

Learning Objectives:
  • Subscribing to legal sources such as opinions, legal analysis and legal blogs for current awareness
  • Saving and retrieving relevant content as necessary
  • Sharing information with others in the law firm, clients, or through social media.

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To Register / Questions: Please call (312) 554-2056.
 Time:1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
 Location:The Chicago Bar Association
 MCLE Credit:0.5 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved)