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From the Unknown To the Unicorn: The Legal Framework

In today's world of startup companies becoming corporate giants, certain organizations are able to be worth billions upon billions of dollars. What is the process for a company to receive this valuation? How does this money get raised in each round? Our goal is to outline each step as it relates to 1) Unicorn companies (i.e. those companies that are valued at over $1 billion) and 2) non-Unicorn companies (the 96% of companies that are considered Startups).

Leslee M. Cohen
, Hershman Cohen LLC
Prof. Heather F. Harper, Entrepreneurial Clinic, Chicago Kent College of Law
Craig C. Bradley, Much Shelist, P.C.
Gregory S. Grossman, DLA Piper

To Register / Questions: Please call (312) 554-2056.
 Time:3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
 Location:The Chicago Bar Association
 MCLE Credit:2.75 IL MCLE Credits