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Attacking the Affidavit

Summary judgments, temporary restraining orders, and preliminary injunctions-these important motions almost always rely on affidavits. How do you mount your best attack on an affidavit? A counter-affidavit is not your only option.
You will hear tips that will help explain the finer points of preparing a motion to strike an affidavit. By learning how to identify errors in opposing parties' affidavits, you will also learn how to write better affidavits for your own motions.

Hon. Diane J. Larsen
, Chancery Division, Circuit Court of Cook County
Carolyn Daley Scott, Power Rogers & Smith, LLP
Emily Roschek
, American Bar Association; YLS Project Officer

To Register / Questions: Please call (312) 554-2056.
 Time:12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
 Location:The Chicago Bar Association
 MCLE Credit:1 IL MCLE Credit