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New Flat Fee Service for Uncontested Divorces
Posted on May 9, 2017

In an effort to bridge the access to justice gap and take the guesswork out of legal fees, The Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) launched its first flat fee referral panel this month.  Consumers who qualify will pay just $899, plus costs, for an uncontested divorce. 

 We are delighted to offer a flat fee service, one of the first of its kind, linking consumers with experienced attorneys to represent them.  Eligibility requirements for the flat fee rate include: no children, able to locate spouse, no real estate, no pension/retirement plans, no alimony/support requested, no lawsuits pending, and in agreement re: personal property and financial accounts.  After initial screening by the LRS, the client will then discuss their case with the referred attorney, who will make the final eligibility decision.

The attorneys participating on the flat fee panel undergo the same rigorous vetting procedures as all attorneys in the LRS and must demonstrate the following: numerous years of practice experience, proof of malpractice insurance, letters of recommendation, and good standing with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. 

For more information about the flat fee service, contact the Lawyer Referral Service at 312-554-2001 or visit