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Open Enrollment Health Insurance Webinars
Posted on October 9, 2017

With open enrollment right around the corner and all the recent occurrences in the healthcare industry, we wanted to make sure you are well informed about your health insurance options for 2018. CBA Insurance's health care provider, IXSolutions, is hosting two different webinars for solo practitioners and small-to-mid sized businesses on Thursday October 26, 2017.

1) Individual Health Insurance options for 2018 (for those who don't have a group plan). Time- 11:00AM CT. Topics include:
-Recent changes impacting your health insurance options
-Network and carrier options
-How to choose the best health plan for your family
-How to shop for health plan with IXSolutions

 2) Group Health Insurance options for employers (for those who have group health insurance or are thinking about setting up a group health plan).  Time- 2:00PM CT. Topics include:
-Recent changes that impact your business and your employees
-Network and carrier options available to businesses
-How to lower costs on health insurance premiums
-Overview of a Benefits Platform available to all CBA members