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Justice John Paul Stevens Award Nominations Due August 1
Posted on July 9, 2018

The Chicago Bar Association is accepting nominations for its annual Justice John Paul Stevens Award. The Award is presented annually to Illinois attorneys or judges who have shown throughout their careers that they are extraordinary individuals and who have demonstrated extraordinary integrity and service to the public and/or community. The awards will be presented at the 19th Annual John Paul Stevens Awards Luncheon on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

Please submit a narrative statement with any supporting materials or information regarding your nominees to the Justice John Paul Stevens Award Committee, c/o Terrence M. Murphy, Executive Director, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604; or email

Past Justice Stevens Award honorees include:

(2017) Hon. Ruben Castillo, Robert A. Clifford, Hon. Nathaniel R. Howse, Jr. , Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow, Richard J. Prendergast, Larry R. Rogers, Sr., Ronald S. Safer, Hon. Mary Jane Theis, and Dan K. Webb; (2016) George B. Collins, Brian L. Crowe, Thomas A. Demetrio, Thomas Anthony Durkin, J. Timothy Eaton, Josie M. Gough, Joan M. Hall, Eileen M. Letts, and Joseph L. Stone; (2015) Peter J. Birnbaum, James R. Figliulo, Edward I. Grossman, Hon. Shelvin Louise Marie Hall, Paula H. Holderman, Mary Meg McCarthy, Daniel E. Reidy and William A. Von Hoene, Jr.; (2014) Kimball R. Anderson, Hon. Joy V. Cunningham, Kevin M. Forde, Hon. Michael B. Hyman, Hon. Thomas L. Kilbride, Jean Powers Kamp, Gordon B. Nash Jr., and Kerry R. Peck; (2013) William F. Conlon, Hon. William H. Hooks, Hon. Warren D. Wolfson, and Hon. Diane P. Wood; (2012) Anita Alvarez, Jeffrey D. Colman, Honorable Joan B. Gottschall, Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr., Hon. James F. Holderman and Willie J. Miller, Jr.; (2011) Ellen E. Douglass, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, and David C. Hilliard; (2010) Hon. Wayne R. Andersen and Hon. Sophia H. Hall; (2009) Hon. Marvin E. Aspen, Lawrence E. Kennon, Terence F. MacCarthy and Howard J. Trienens; (2008) Hon. Thomas R. Fitzgerald, John B. Simon and Hon. Ann C. Williams; (2007) Leon M. Despres, James D. Montgomery, Sheldon H. Roodman and Sister Catherine M. Ryan; (2006) Hon. Anne M. Burke, Donald Hubert, Hon. Charles P. Kocoras and Thomas H. Morsch; (2005) George M. Burditt, Hon. Timothy C. Evans, Hon. Abner J. Mikva and Hon. Ilana Diamond Rovner; (2004) Martha A. Mills, George W. Overton and Hon. Seymour F. Simon; (2003) Hon. Joel M. Flaum, Hon. Earl E. Strayhorn and Hon. James R. Thompson; (2002) George J. Cotsirilos, Hon. Mary Ann G. McMorrow and Newton N. Minow; (2001) Hon. Richard J. Fitzgerald, Dolores K. Hanna, Robert A. Helman, Hon. Prentice H. Marshall, Earl L. Neal and Alexander Polikoff; (2000) Jean Allard, Hon. William J. Bauer, Philip H. Corboy, Milton H. Gray, Hon. George N. Leighton, Dawn Clark Netsch, Jerold S. Solovy and Thomas P. Sullivan.